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    Simplified Programmatic Advertising

    Advanced Technology driven, easy to use self serve platform sets
    you free from complex process of Programmatic Media Buying
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    Performance At Scale

    Our integration with 50+ SSPs enables you to achieve and maintain
    top notch ROI with a vast reach to quality users
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    Smart User Engagement

    AI powered solution to increase the user engagement at the right time and place to make most out of Branding Campaigns

About Us

When it comes to serving your ads on mobiles and desktops, its hard to beat Auctera for so many reasons. Auctera is build by a team of advertising technology experts with 66+ years of combined experience in online marketing and technology solutions. We strive to serve you with the best technology to reach your targeted audience. Every single impression served by our technology leaves a lasting impact on customer's online journey. We are always working hard to make sure you get the best return on your advertising budget.

Demand Side Platform

Our Services will set you free from the complexity of automated media buying. We offer an all inclusive programmatic buying solutions.


Bid on the Quality impression and win the best traffic that matters to your campaign

Premium Inventory

Avail highly valuable impressions from our direct publisher’s pool

Private marketplace

Buy guaranteed impressions at invite only marketplace


Robust Technology to connect precisely with the ideal audience segment and achieve performance at a scale

Extensive targeting

Get the best audience match with our laser targeted options like - Geo (Country, State, City), OS, Device, Carrier, Demographic, Domain, Bundle, Web/InApp


Boost your ROI with split testing options like - Day Parting, Frequency Capping, Micro Bidding/Budgeting


Know exactly where your Ad is delivered - Track SSP, App Name, Domain Advertising ID (GAID/IDFA etc)

Innovative Ad formats

Access wide variety of inventory via Banner, Native,Js Tags, Push, POP, Interstitial, Rich Media

User Friendly & Self Serve

Save time via our lighting fast UI, Single page campaign creation, Real time analytics & Downloadable Reports

Granular Reports & Analytics

Optimize your campaigns, set budget limits, put new strategies and get the desired performance via real time statistics and detailed campaign reports

Brand Safety

Our three step approach towards your campaign lifecycle empowers you in getting quality conversions at scale, while ensuring absolute brand safety.

Compliance via IAB

Leverage our IAB standard features like category targeting to ensure assured compliance for brand placement requirements and a laser targeted audience matching from the onset

Fraud protection layer

Our in house fraud protection layer continuously works towards enhancing your conversion quality by evaluating/blocking the traffic for Click Spam, SDK spoofing and Click Farms indicators


Highest amount of control to ensure your campaign/brand integrity though our blacklisting/whitelisting features on Bundle Id, Domain, Placement ids and IP addresses

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